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The New Ecosystem of Seniors’ Housing

  • 27-04-2023
  • Stanton Dahl
  • Retirement living and aged care operators are at risk of building new developments that will be obsolete in 10 or 15 years if they are not designing for the ageing customer and diversifying their prod . . . Continue Reading

    Dignity by Design: Respect in Aged Care Spaces

  • 19-09-2022
  • Aged Care
  • Dignity and Design Respect is not something to be earned but something we all inherently deserve. This is what dignity is all about. Post-pandemic design… assisted living… staff retention& . . . Continue Reading

    How a carefully considered refurbishment can make a difference in the delivery of education

  • 04-06-2021
  • Education
  • Wellington, a small NSW country town located at the junction of the Macquarie and Bell Rivers has experienced some significant local issues exacerbated by drought, bushfires, family tragedies and no . . . Continue Reading

    Safe and Affordable Housing for Women Over 55

  • 23-04-2021
  • Residential
  • Stanton Dahl recently had the pleasure and to attend the opening of one of our first boarding house projects completed in Heckenberg for Land & Housing Corporation, we are proud to have been p . . . Continue Reading

    Looking toward the next generation of Aged Care in a changing world

  • 04-03-2021
  • Aged Care
  • Coming out of the Aged Care Royal Commission, Scott Morrison yesterday said that Australia’s aged care sector is set for a “generational paradigm shift”. We agree. In our 36 years and more than . . . Continue Reading

    Group Homes: 48 Monfarville Street, St Marys

  • 23-02-2021
  • Residential
  • Stanton Dahl believe that Group Homes should be more than just a place to live, they should be a place that makes a real difference to the lives of the residents. This is the first group home project . . . Continue Reading