We have a large specialist automotive design team. From initial concept planning of new facilities on greenfield sites to alterations and additions of existing facilities, we use our experience, knowledge and understanding of the unique functionality requirements of showrooms and workshops for dealerships.

We work across 26 automotive brands, have designed more than 75 dealership projects across Australia and are the Preferred Architect for three manufacturers. Projects include:

• Cardiff Nissan – Tony White Group
• Gosford Hyundai – Booths Motor Group
• Penrith Hyundai – AP Eagers
• Moruya Multi Franchise – AMH Auto Group
• Shellharbour City Motors – City Motors Group
• Wollongong Service Centre – Stirhill Pty Ltd
• Phil Gilbert Hyundai, Toyota, Kia – Croydon & Five Dock

Designing ease into every experience

Some of our Automotive projects

Mandurah, WA

Lane Ford

Type of project:




Stanton Dahl have supported the Lane Group of Dealerships, providing design, planning submissions, construction documentation & Builder support for a number of facility upgrades over the past 5 years. The Lane Group have been operating in the Peel Region of Western Australia for more than 65 years.

Stanton Dahl was asked by the client to upgrade a very “tired” existing Ford facility and develop it into a 2-brand facility. Challenges working with an existing low Structural roof system & numerous structure columns that compromised the new facility requirements required ingenuity in the resultant resolution. The required Brand corporate identity for the exterior façades involved increasing the height & presence of the two showrooms whilst maintaining the low roofing structure. The project was designed & staged to maintain full operation of the facilities during construction.

The Ford showroom has recently been completed by Moore Constructions and the Lane Group are extremely excited to be working in their new facility.

For the first time Stanton Dahl produced animations that have been of great aid in the Lane Group understanding the overall design, it’s context with the urban streetscape as well as providing a full appreciation of how the interior functions & looks.

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Townsville QLD

Hyundai Townsville

The new Pickerings Hyundai dealership consists of a new GDSI showroom on a prominent road in Townsville, QLD.

Type of project:




Stanton Dahl has worked with the client, Pickerings Motor Group, to deliver a new 12 car Hyundai showroom for Townsville. The showroom successfully showcases and promotes the new Hyundai corporate identity, GDSI, providing a strong brand statement and a commanding presence on one of Townsville’s major roads.

With prime corner exposure, the showroom stands out to customers as they approach the dealership. The complex features Hyundai cladding both externally on the facade and internally on the ceiling, giving the showroom a strong presence amongst other dealerships.

Stanton Dahl has delivered a showroom that upholds the brand name with sophistication and class, ensuring the exposure to the potential clientele is positive and stands out amongst its competitors.

Pickerings Motor Group was a new client that has now approached Stanton Dahl on subsequent projects, valuing the success and standards of the projects as well as the collective response to the client's needs.

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Northway Honda

Northway Honda consists of Honda’s new flagship showroom and service centre in Bundoora, VIC

Type of project:




Located on a prominent greenfield site in the northern Melbourne suburb of Bundoora, Northway Honda was recommended by Honda Australia to engage Stanton Dahl in mid-2008. Featuring Australia’s first dealership to incorporate all of Honda’s current Corporate Image Branding Elements, Northway Honda has come to represent the ideal facility for Honda’s Rollout Program.

The dealership consists of a cylindrical two-storey showroom at the front of the site with a full-service workshop at its 
rear, bridged by an administrative core over two stories. Site circulation is centrally organised, diagonally across the site to ensure ease of access, efficient vehicular movement and customer safety.

The showroom’s innovative design maximises exposure on the prominent corner intersection and opens the dealership to all aspects of customer arrival. Vehicular movement in the double-storey showroom is achieved with an open scissor lift – the rest of its kind in an automotive showroom in Australia.

The outcome of Northway Honda proves the successful cooperation among Honda, the dealer and Stanton Dahl in delivering a top-tier dealership (level 5) and an exemplary model to the rollout of future Honda dealerships nationwide.

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Automotive Team

Alan Werry

Alan Werry


Alan is a principal who graduated from Sydney University in 1972. He joined Stanton Dahl in 2008 to head up our Automotive segment, having previously been involved as director of his own architectural company for the previous 20 years.

Prior to joining Stanton Dahl, he had been working for 10 years for a major international automotive company and the work for this company included new dealerships and service facilities for the brand. Alan was also responsible for developing and documenting a new corporate image for their dealerships Australia – wide that has also influenced the approach to C.I. for the brand internationally.

Whilst Alan’s passion is for excellence in design, his involvement in the “D & C” area (particularly in the area of club facilities), has provided him with invaluable practical experience that ensures the project delivery takes into account a high level of “buildability”.

Phillip Stanton Dahl

Phillip Stanton


While an architect’s role is to objectively analyse a client’s needs using ‘outside eyes’, Phillip’s work as a client prior to founding what became Stanton Dahl in 1984 has given him an acute perspective from both sides of the fence.

Developed over many years and honed on hundreds of buildings, his ability to develop design solutions that serve the priorities of both the client as well as the building’s users is almost intuitive and continues to inspire the practice to this day.

Phillip became a Registered Architect in 1974. He joined the Property Dept of the Commonwealth Bank, rising to 2IC in the Major Projects Division where memorable milestones including securing the bank’s support in the early 1980’s for his plans relating to the total refurb of its property 48 Martin Place at a budget in excess of $125m.

Over the past 35 years in private business, he has grown Stanton Dahl Architects from a single-practitioner business to the significant enterprise with over 40 staff it is today.

Shayne Evans Stanton Dahl

Shayne Evans


Combining his passion for design, obsession to serve the needs of our clients and management skills, Shayne leads the practice into its next 35 years.

As a lead architect, Shayne has extensive experience in the design, documentation and administration of projects ranging from high-end residential work to low-cost schools. Several of the projects that Shayne has worked on have won national design awards and he relishes maintaining a hands-on role in Stanton Dahl’s significant design projects.

Shayne has a keen interest in using his skills to assist disadvantaged communities achieve high quality built environments without having to spend a lot of money. To that end Shayne spends some of his time providing architectural services to such communities.

This provides many opportunities to identify and implement creative and low cost solutions to some very complex problems.

James Stuart

James Stuart

Architectural Technician

James graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2017 after completing a Masters of Architecture. He joined Stanton Dahl Architects in 2015 in order to further his architectural and professional development and gain valuable experience while completing his studies.

During his time with Stanton Dahl, James has worked in the Automotive segment and has been heavily involved in the planning and design of a number of dealership projects as well as focusing on the Corporate Identity compliance standards for a number of the brands Stanton Dahl is working with. He has also aided in Compliance Report Reviews.

James has a strong desire to learn the fastidious, detail oriented approach shown by his colleagues. He enjoys understanding the intricacies of all projects he works on in order to obtain the best possible outcomes for the clients.

Strapline Testimonial
  • “Stanton Dahl brought a deep level of experience in the design of our social and affordable housing programme for BaptistCare”

    Greg Philips, Project Director

  • “respectful of limited resources but also desirous of achieving the best outcomes”

    St Augustine’s Anglican Church

  • “challenging us and providing insight”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “innovative design possibilities in the educational sphere”

    Seventh Day Adventist Schools

  • “good communicators. great design outcomes”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “without doubt the most enjoyable projects”

    Denham Constructions