A child’s school days will likely stay in their mind for their entire life.

A well-considered built environment can have a profoundly positive impact on a child’s experience of school; their desire to learn, to interact and engage with peers and teachers, can all be enhanced. We are constantly excited by the opportunity to create constructive contexts for this formative time of life.

Beginning with our first client in 1984, an Independent Christian School, we’ve been growing our experience and knowledge in this important area ever since.

Today, we have a dedicated team of 15 educational experts who are passionate about ensuring that our educational designs:

• Reflect the academic mission and values of the school
• Nurture the educational, social and spiritual growth and wellbeing of its students, staff and community
• Provide an engaging, comfortable and adaptable environment that supports all facets of school life and collaborative learning
• Create opportunities to engage students within agile learning environments
• Respond to environmental conditions and site constraints
• Optimise natural lighting, good air quality, appropriate acoustics, connections to outdoor and natural spaces

Buildings that value their occupants

Some of our Education projects

Castle Hill NSW

Gilroy Catholic College

Develop and deliver a staged master plan, CBGA application and documentation of a significant stage 1 learning hub for Catholic School Parramatta Diocese (CSPD) to reimagine all existing learning environments for contemporary learning outcomes.


Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP)

Type of project:

New Yr 7 -12 School Campus Masterplan and construction of Yr 7 -10 Learning Hub, new carpark and associated external works


Completed November 2022


$19.5 million for Stage 1

Gilroy Catholic College is a co-educational high school located in Castle Hill, a north-western suburb of Sydney and is operated and managed by the Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese. Stanton Dahl Architects were approached to review and create a new Masterplan to address the growing enrolments in the area.

In reviewing the existing accommodation of the school, it was clear that classrooms built 3 decades prior are physically inadequate in meeting the ever-growing demands of contemporary learning pedagogy nor deal with the increasing enrolment pressures from the community, driven by growing density of population in the Hills district.

With the direction and vision of the client to increase from 6 to 8 streams, we brought about a 3 staged masterplan that relies on the alignment of client’s pedagogical philosophy, leadership, management, and operational life of the school with new opportunities provided.

A new 2 & 3 storey Secondary Inquiry Hub for Year 7 -10 consisting of 16 new double-sized General Learning Areas (GLA) as well as improved and expanded onsite carparking, with an outdoor amphitheatre and handball courts for student wellbeing were thus established as the scope for the first stage of the Masterplan after a stakeholder process which involved the client, school leadership, and its learning and operational executives.

The competing challenges brought on by the large student accommodation as well as Hills council’s building height limit and concerns for bulk and scale in a residential area became opportunities for siting and creating a new Inquiry Hub which have been thoughtfully designed to respond to the local residential context as well as addressing other operational and access issues such as a clear and identifiable Bus Bay and campus entrance, safe and accessible movement through the campus, whilst ensuring visual connectivity to allow supervision as well as opportunities for indoor and outdoor learning.

Adaptability is evident throughout the project, from large external glazed sliding doors which allows connectivity with outdoor verandahs through to learning settings in each room that caters to different learning support opportunities and collaborative scale.

With the emphasis for open outdoor and circulation areas to be utilised as social and wellbeing spaces, the long-term goal of the masterplan for Gilroy Catholic College is to create a learning environment that places learning as a highly visible and collaborative activity, a built landscape that fosters today’s learners to become well-rounded adults of tomorrow.

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Glenmore Park, NSW

Caroline Chisholm College

Complete a site masterplan, CBGA application and documentation of a significant stage 1 and stage 2 redesign.

Type of project:

Yr's 7-12 School Masterplan and staged construction


Completed January 2020


$16.0 million for Stage 1

Caroline Chisholm College is a Yrs 7 - 12 girls school located in Glenmore Park in Western Sydney. Stanton Dahl has completed a site masterplan, CBGA application and documentation of a significant stage 1 build of a performance space, general learning environments and music, dance, drama learning environments. The project also includes the relocation of the canteen/cafe, refurbishment of 11 existing learning spaces to collaborative settings and the refurbishment of their visual art facilities to visual art learning studios. Stage 2 of the masterplan includes the complete redesign of the current TAS facilities to a collaborative innovation hub utilising access to textiles, wordwork, graphics and clean tech facilities.

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St Lucy's School

Develop and deliver a staged master plan for the St Lucy’s school to reimagine all the existing learning environments to provide the school with new, safe, and supported learning spaces.

Type of project:

Yr's K-6 School Masterplan and staged construction


Completed September 2020


approx. $12.5 million

St Lucy’s is a K-6 school for students with intellectual disabilities. Stanton Dahl delivered a staged masterplan for the existing school at Wahroonga, taking into account heritage and conservation site restrictions. The masterplan reimagines all of the existing learning environments to provide the school with new, safe, and supported learning spaces that are agile and well equipped. Stanton Dahl has been engaged to deliver a 2 storey new building with basement carpark providing a range of learning spaces and the conversion of an existing heritage building into new administrative space.

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Education Team

Caroline Hart

Caroline Hart


Caroline has over 19 years of local experience in the architectural design, documentation and construction with the last 13 years devoted to the development of quality educational and ecclesiastical buildings at Stanton Dahl Architects. In 2015, Caroline became head of the Stanton Dahl Education Sector and leads a team of 15 staff.

Through Caroline’s involvement in the education sector she has developed a passion for developing community and learning environments that support and encourage the social, educational and spiritual wellbeing of the users. Caroline is specifically interested in the delivery of environments that support all areas of school life from pedagogical outcomes & staff professional development to community development, identity, engagement and support.

Since joining Stanton Dahl in 2006, Caroline has established herself as a trusted and knowledgeable expert in the field of school architecture.

Phillip Stanton Dahl

Phillip Stanton


While an architect’s role is to objectively analyse a client’s needs using ‘outside eyes’, Phillip’s work as a client prior to founding what became Stanton Dahl in 1984 has given him an acute perspective from both sides of the fence.

Developed over many years and honed on hundreds of buildings, his ability to develop design solutions that serve the priorities of both the client as well as the building’s users is almost intuitive and continues to inspire the practice to this day.

Phillip became a Registered Architect in 1974. He joined the Property Dept of the Commonwealth Bank, rising to 2IC in the Major Projects Division where memorable milestones including securing the bank’s support in the early 1980’s for his plans relating to the total refurb of its property 48 Martin Place at a budget in excess of $125m.

Over the past 35 years in private business, he has grown Stanton Dahl Architects from a single-practitioner business to the significant enterprise with over 40 staff it is today.

Shayne Evans Stanton Dahl

Shayne Evans


Combining his passion for design, obsession to serve the needs of our clients and management skills, Shayne leads the practice into its next 35 years.

As a lead architect, Shayne has extensive experience in the design, documentation and administration of projects ranging from high-end residential work to low-cost schools. Several of the projects that Shayne has worked on have won national design awards and he relishes maintaining a hands-on role in Stanton Dahl’s significant design projects.

Shayne has a keen interest in using his skills to assist disadvantaged communities achieve high quality built environments without having to spend a lot of money. To that end Shayne spends some of his time providing architectural services to such communities.

This provides many opportunities to identify and implement creative and low cost solutions to some very complex problems.

Anandhi Dhanushkoti


Anandhi is a registered architect with more than two decades of experience, completing projects with varying levels of complexity from $500,000 to $10 million. The diverse projects include schools in both public and private sector located in cities and regional areas, automotive car showrooms and multi-unit residential.

Anandhi has a sound knowledge of building design and construction processes, having had involvement in all facets from design to hand-over of projects. She has strong management skills having successfully implemented Honda Australia Corporate Image for 60+ dealerships around Australia, which has developed the ability to successfully manage several projects simultaneously.

One of her key strengths is to build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders and deliver their projects within time and budget.

David Bell


David is a senior member of staff with 30 years of architectural experience across a broad range of project types.

His practice has included educational, residential, commercial, heritage and transport projects, as well as public buildings, master planning and urban design. David is experienced in working with both private and public sector clients and has a sound knowledge of approval processes, procurement options, codes and standards.

He brings a strong design focus to the design development, detailed design and documentation of projects with which he is involved, and has lead in the design and delivery of complex projects. David’s skills in presentation perspectives and graphics are invaluable for communication with clients.

Susan Plowman

Studio Manager

Susan is a registered architect who has worked in aged care, civic and education architecture in regional and cosmopolitan New South Wales for the last 16 years. She has comprehensive experience of project procurement, master planning, design, documentation and contract administration with projects ranging in value from $100k to $20 million

Susan’s past experience as a high school teacher has informed her specialisation in education projects.
Susan enjoys the challenge of resolving complex projects and working together in a team environment to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

Domenic Marra

Studio Manager

Since graduating from UTS, Domenic has gained 13 years architectural experience across a range of sectors including Aged Care, commercial, hospitality and education projects throughout cosmopolitan and regional NSW.

Demonstrating a strong passion for architectural detailing and focus on successful project delivery, he has extensive experience in the design development and documentation of projects ranging from $35 to $100 million, and also undertaken contract administration roles on a number of these projects.

Inherent in his capacity as project architect, Domenic is responsible for the integration and co-ordination of all specialist consultant input on projects, and while under construction, for liaising with the head contractor.

Since joining Stanton Dahl, Domenic has been a valued team member working on the $20 million Arden Anglican School and $22 million Morling College Theological Education Facility projects.

Teresa Lok

Architectural Technician

Since graduating from UNSW in 2008, Teresa has gained her architectural experience across a range of sectors including commercial, retail, hospitality & mixed use in the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

Teresa has a strong interest in interior detailing and the human experience in the built environment. This was from her extensive exposure to previous multi-international clientele which led to her heavy involvement from refined bespoke interiors to furniture design – an invaluable experience that has provided a rare opportunity to be in control of design & project delivery on every facet and on all scale. In addition to this, she has also undertaken contract administration roles in a number of these projects.

Since joining Stanton Dahl in 2017, Teresa has been involved in the $20 million Arden Anglican School and is currently responsible for the design, integration and co-ordination of all specialist consultants input on the $21 million Gilroy Catholic College project, which is a multi-storey inquiry based learning hub.

Timothy Steele


Tim is a Graduate of Architecture who joined Stanton Dahl in 2008 whilst completing his studies at the University of Technology Sydney.

Since joining Stanton Dahl, Tim has gained valuable experience in the Education, Residential and Automotive office sectors. Over his years in the office, Tim has developed a sound understanding for the operational and functional requirements of both the Educational and Automotive clients.

During his time in the Automotive Segment, Tim was heavily involved in the development and application of Corporate Identities for three key brands across Australia. In 2012 Tim was instrumental in the development of HMCA facility guidelines that aided in the roll out of their “3D” CI package.

As part of the Educational Segment, Tim has crafted his Master Planning and design skills leading to successful BGA applications, and construction of projects in both Primary and Secondary.

Tim’s keen eye for design and attention to detail has allowed him to hone his skills as a Project Architect and oversee the construction of projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat and Mandurah (WA).

With a solid client focus, Tim has developed strong working relationships with his client base and is highly regarded for his drive to exceed the client’s needs.

Cassia Ciccone

Architectural Technician

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassia has completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Barcelona and has collaborated with numerous projects and practices in Brazil and Australia, bringing diverse culture and knowledge to the team.

With over 15 years of experience in commercial, residential and educational architecture, Cassia joined Stanton Dahl Architects in 2014 and has been working in the delivery of Educational and Church Projects since then.

With focus on the client needs, she has been responsible for the develop design, documentation and administration of a varied range of projects, coordinating and integrating construction components and specialists inputs.

Mary Isidoro


Mary is a registered architect who has worked in various projects which include education, residential and commercial for more than 20 years. Her most recent project with Stanton Dahl has been the $22 million Ministry and Learning Centre (MALC) in Morling College located at Marquarie Park, NSW.

Mary has a sound knowledge of the building code and Australian Standards relating to architecture & construction having developed this skill throughout her long work experience in the industry.

She has a great organisational and project coordination skills with the ability to work on several projects simultaneously. Having been involved with big projects, Mary prides herself for being a great team player who aims in making sure to deliver successful projects.

Peter Rodgers

Peter Rodgers

Architectural Technician

Peter joined Stanton Dahl as a graduate architect where he first started working in the Automotive Sector and has recently celebrated 8 years with us.  The highlight of his time in the Automotive sector had been his involvement with the rebranding rollout of all Hyundai Motor Company dealerships in every state of Australia, as well as Genesis Motors Australia Flagship Studio in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

Since joining the Education sector, he has been involved with the design and delivery of Richard Gill School in Muswellbrook which is an independent primary school with a unique musical focus, as well as upcoming church projects.

Peter’s experience working remotely, working within tight timeframes and delivery cost-effective solutions gained in the automotive sector allowed him to make a valuable contribution as part of the team that recently completed Stage 1 of the Richard Gill School.

Nica Javadi


Nica is a registered architect who enjoys working in the education sector; focusing on preschool, primary and secondary education facilities and learning environments. She has sound knowledge of architecture and planning industry practices including obtaining development approvals and administering projects through to completion. Nica has a desire to contribute meaningfully to society and create architecture in response to cultural and educational needs. Her diligent and sincere approach as well as flair for project management is well suited for delivering the best outcomes for the client. Prior to joining Stanton Dahl in 2019, Nica enjoyed working in Heritage Architecture restoration, conservation, alterations and adaptive re use of commercial and residential buildings within NSW.

Recent Project experience:

  • Gilroy Catholic College, Castle Hill (Yrs. 7-12, stage 1 multi-storey inquiry-based learning hub)
  • Macarthur Adventist College (Demountable & Carpark completed 2020)
  • Wellington Christian School (Alterations and Additions, stage 1 completed 2020)
  • Dubbo Christian School (Amenities Block 8 and Pre School)




Rhys Whale

Architectural Technician

Rhys has been with Stanton Dahl since completion of his training as an architectural draftsperson. He has worked exclusively in education projects and in this time has shown his proficiency in documentation and 3D modelling.

Coming to the industry later in life, Rhys brings a wealth of customer interaction knowledge to the table, from his many years of experience in service based workplaces. This translates to the office environment where Rhys’ comprehension of our design software means he is frequently called upon to answer CAD related questions and is always happy to help.

Rhys has recently been a part of the team for our $22 million Morling College project, which is under construction and is set to be completed late in 2019.

Strapline Testimonial
  • “Stanton Dahl brought a deep level of experience in the design of our social and affordable housing programme for BaptistCare”

    Greg Philips, Project Director

  • “respectful of limited resources but also desirous of achieving the best outcomes”

    St Augustine’s Anglican Church

  • “challenging us and providing insight”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “innovative design possibilities in the educational sphere”

    Seventh Day Adventist Schools

  • “good communicators. great design outcomes”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “without doubt the most enjoyable projects”

    Denham Constructions