Working with us

What drives us: its our collective ambition approach

This concept of collective ambition embodies our collaborative approach to project design – from concept to completion. We want to ensure that the project, when delivered, satisfies the requirements of our client.

What we live: Our vision, mission and values.

Our Vision, Mission and Values Statements underscore and define our business and design philosophies. Together with our emphasis on Collective Ambition, they detail our commitment to assisting you to fulfil your goals and objectives.

In 1984 we opened the doors with our first project, a new building for an independent Christian school at Regents Park. This project set the tone; clients who needed specialist advice to satisfy particular needs…..

Industry knowledge is important and so is empathy with and for the client. We are a client focused organization, and we have developed an approach for interaction with our clients to ensure that their vision and requirements for their project is indentified and realized. We call this collective ambition.

Staying connected

We love coffee

The average amount of coffee enjoyed per day based on 19 staff members.

Our People

We have 14 female staff members and 30 male staff members.


42% of us wear reading glasses and 78% read daily.


57% of us catch public transport to work.