About Us

Design for the greater good

Our story is not just about the buildings we’ve designed. It’s about the positive impact they’ve had on communities.

We are driven by our social conscience, our desire to improve lives, so we are drawn towards projects that give us the opportunity to make a difference.

We believe a building should be more than a place to live, work, or learn in. It should be a place that has a positive effect on how we feel, think and interact with others. A place that makes a difference to the lives of its users.

Our first commission in 1984 was for an independent school in Regents Park, Sydney. This led to other projects in the education sector, followed by aged care, social and affordable housing, and churches.

Today, most of our projects are still community-focused, with 80% of our clients in this area being repeat clients. And we’re also proud of our commercial work, particularly in the automotive sector.

Architecture that enriches
its users

Building a socially responsible future

Architecture has an important role to play in the development of sustainably vibrant communities. To that end, we’re committed to the stewardship of resources in every project. Whenever we can, we use renewable materials, recycled content, rainwater re-use systems and renewable energy systems.
These priorities merely reflect the ethical position we believe all architecture should take. To serve people. Now and in the future.

A collective conscience

Unlike most other architectural firms, Stanton Dahl is effectively owned by its staff. It’s a participative structure that provides a tangible reinforcement of our collectivism and ensures that the entire team is aligned to our mission: to change lives for the better.
This passion for projects that make a difference sees everyone at Stanton Dahl committed to spending 1% of their time on pro bono work, which equates to three or such projects every year.

An executive team aligned on positive outcomes

Designing respect into everyday use

Phillip Stanton


While an architect’s role is to objectively analyse a client’s needs using ‘outside eyes’, Phillip’s work as a client prior to founding what became Stanton Dahl in 1984 has given him an acute perspective from both sides of the fence.

Developed over many years and honed on hundreds of buildings, his ability to develop design solutions that serve the priorities of both the client as well as the building’s users is almost intuitive and continues to inspire the practice to this day.

Phillip became a Registered Architect in 1974. He joined the Property Dept of the Commonwealth Bank, rising to 2IC in the Major Projects Division where memorable milestones including securing the bank’s support in the early 1980’s for his plans relating to the total refurb of its property 48 Martin Place at a budget in excess of $125m.

Over the past 35 years in private business, he has grown Stanton Dahl Architects from a single-practitioner business to the significant enterprise with over 40 staff it is today.

Shayne Evans


Combining his passion for design, obsession to serve the needs of our clients and management skills,
Shayne leads the practice into its next 35 years.

As a lead architect, Shayne has extensive experience in the design, documentation and administration of projects ranging from high-end residential work to low-cost schools. Several of the projects that Shayne has worked on have won national design awards and he relishes maintaining a hands-on role in Stanton Dahl’s significant design projects.

Shayne has a keen interest in using his skills to assist disadvantaged communities achieve high quality built environments without having to spend a lot of money. To that end Shayne spends some of his time providing architectural services to such communities.
This provides many opportunities to identify and implement creative and low cost solutions to some very complex problems.

• Bachelor of Architecture, University of New South Wales
• University Medal 2002
• Registered Architect (7686)
• Member of the Australian Institute of Architects
• Learning Environments Australia [LEA] – member

Caroline Hart


Caroline has over 19 years of local experience in the architectural design, documentation and construction experience with the last 13 years devoted to the development of quality educational and ecclesiastical buildings at Stanton Dahl Architects.

Through Caroline’s involvement in the education sector she has developed a passion for developing community and learning environments that support and encourage the social, educational and spiritual wellbeing of the users. Caroline is specifically interested in the delivery of environments that support all areas of school life from pedagogical outcomes and staff professional growth to community development, identity, engagement and support.

Since joining Stanton Dahl in 2006, Caroline has established herself as a trusted and knowledgeable expert in the field of school architecture.

• Bachelor of Science [Architecture] University of Newcastle (Merit)
• Bachelor of Architecture, University of Newcastle (Hons)
• Learning Environments Australia [LEA] – member

Mahi Lau


As a one of the Principals at Stanton Dahl Architects, Mahi leads and delivers projects with a client focussed mindset. She has developed long term professional associations with all stakeholders through a collaborative approach, understanding not only the big picture but also the finer details on each project.

Mahi has a sophisticated understanding of projects developed over two decades of delivering architecture within the categories of Residential, Aged Care, Retirement Living, Aviation, Commercial and Education.

Over the last decade, she has realised her niche passion to contribute to the specialised residential built space including Aged Care, Retirement Living and Social and Affordable housing. She is constantly mindful of the impact of the designs on the residents physical, mental & spiritual health and their quality of life and is committed to a holistic and integrated approach towards the built form.

Mahi has amassed an impressive portfolio working with leading not for profit providers, housing organisations and also high-end boutique firms, ensuring the projects deliver the client’s vision for the end users.

Alan Werry


Alan is a senior architect who graduated from Sydney University in 1972. He joined Stanton Dahl in 2008 to head up our Automotive practice, having previously been involved as director of his own architectural company for the previous 20 years.

Prior to joining Stanton Dahl, he had been working for 10 years for a major international automotive company and the work for this company included new dealerships and service facilities for the brand. Alan was also responsible for developing and documenting a new corporate image for their dealerships Australia- wide that has also influenced the approach to C.I. for the brand internationally.

Whilst Alan’s passion is for excellence in design, his involvement in the “D & C” area (particularly in the area of club facilities), has provided him with invaluable practical experience that ensures the project delivery takes into account a high level of “buildability”.

• Bachelor of Architecture University of Sydney

Anandhi Dhanushkoti


Anandhi is a registered architect with more than two decades of experience, completing projects with varying levels of complexity from $500,000 to $10 million. The diverse projects include schools in both public and private sector located in cities and regional areas, automotive car showrooms and multi-unit residential.

Anandhi has a sound knowledge of building design and construction processes, having had involvement in all facets from design to hand-over of projects. She has strong management skills having successfully implemented Honda Australia Corporate Image for 60+ dealerships around Australia, which has developed the ability to successfully manage several projects simultaneously. She became a Principal at Stanton Dahl in 2022.

One of her key strengths is to build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders and deliver their projects within time and budget.

• Bachelor of Architecture, University of New South Wales
• Registered Architect (6254)

Strapline Testimonial
  • “Stanton Dahl brought a deep level of experience in the design of our social and affordable housing programme for BaptistCare”

    Greg Philips, Project Director

  • “respectful of limited resources but also desirous of achieving the best outcomes”

    St Augustine’s Anglican Church

  • “challenging us and providing insight”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “innovative design possibilities in the educational sphere”

    Seventh Day Adventist Schools

  • “good communicators. great design outcomes”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “without doubt the most enjoyable projects”

    Denham Constructions