The most vulnerable people in our communities need to be able to find refuge in safe, secure and welcoming environments that help them face life with a renewed sense of optimism.

For over 20 years, we’ve designed buildings for a wide range of services including boarding houses, group homes, senior living, social housing, affordable housing and women’s housing, applying respect and know-how to these frequently budget-constrained projects.

To date, we’ve completed more than 1,000 units on 100 projects, working across feasibility assessments, development applications, tender documentation and project management.

Architecture that dignifies lives

Some of our Residential projects

22-28 Medlyn Street, Parkes

Social Housing

Design & Document 9 x Social Housing Dwellings meeting Silver Standard Liveable Housing Guidelines.


Land and Housing Corporation

Type of project:

Social Housing Development


Under Construction 2021


Approx. $2.7m

The mix of 1 & 2 bed units will comply with the Silver Standard of the Liveable Housing Guideline. Amongst many features that ensure the homes will accommodate people of varying mobility, the guideline nominates step-free connection from a car space or street entry through to the front door of a house. Both the front and rear units achieve this despite the challenging falls presented across the site.

Stanton Dahl Architects have taken great care to design the units street façade to sympathise with the existing development in the area.  In doing so, a combination of brick and metal cladding dominate the single storey dwellings. Most of the current trees at the front of the site are proposed to be retained.

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24-28 Vicliffe Avenue, Campsie

Social Housing

In 2019, NSW Land & Housing Corporation piloted a new delivery strategy whereby blank sites would be tendered to building contractors and as part of the RFT, building designs would be proposed.


Mono Constructions c/- Land and Housing Corporation

Type of project:

Social Housing Development


Under Construction 2021


Approx. $7.2m

Stanton Dahl Architects were lucky enough to partner with Mono Constructions to propose this contemporary residential apartment building.

Designed to harmonise with private residential developments in the area, the project consists of a 3-storey 21-unit residential building that provides affordable social housing. It is a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units, with three of the 2-bed units being fully accessible. Towards the rear of the site, a large landscaped communal area is also provided for the residents to enjoy.


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48 & 50 Bousfield Street, Wallsend

Affordable Housing

Design multi-unit development on challenging site whilst complying with adaptable living requirements.


Aboriginal Housing Office

Type of project:

Residential - Affordable Housing Units


Completed August 2021


Approx. $2.4m

Stanton Dahl was pleased to partner with the Aboriginal Housing Office to deliver another multi-unit development in Wallsend. The project comprised of 8 units, 2 of which are designed to comply with adaptable living requirements.

Located on a steep & challenging site, the design responds sympathetically to its context and neighbours. The building uses a combination of brick and timber look cladding, giving it a modern façade improving the streetscape of the area.

These units are part of the solution of fulfilling demand for affordable housing for indigenous residents in the Hunter Newcastle Region.

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Residential Team

Mahi Lau


As a one of the Principals at Stanton Dahl Architects, Mahi leads and delivers projects with a client focussed mindset. She has developed long term professional associations with all stakeholders through a collaborative approach, understanding not only the big picture but also the finer details on each project.

Mahi has a sophisticated understanding of projects developed over two decades of delivering architecture within the categories of Residential, Aged Care, Retirement Living, Aviation, Commercial and Education.

Over the last decade, she has realised her niche passion to contribute to the specialised residential built space including Aged Care, Retirement Living and Social and Affordable housing. She is constantly mindful of the impact of the designs on the residents physical, mental & spiritual health and their quality of life and is committed to a holistic and integrated approach towards the built form.

Mahi has amassed an impressive portfolio working with leading not for profit providers, housing organisations and also high-end boutique firms, ensuring the projects deliver the client’s vision for the end users.

Phillip Stanton Dahl

Phillip Stanton


While an architect’s role is to objectively analyse a client’s needs using ‘outside eyes’, Phillip’s work as a client prior to founding what became Stanton Dahl in 1984 has given him an acute perspective from both sides of the fence.

Developed over many years and honed on hundreds of buildings, his ability to develop design solutions that serve the priorities of both the client as well as the building’s users is almost intuitive and continues to inspire the practice to this day.

Phillip became a Registered Architect in 1974. He joined the Property Dept of the Commonwealth Bank, rising to 2IC in the Major Projects Division where memorable milestones including securing the bank’s support in the early 1980’s for his plans relating to the total refurb of its property 48 Martin Place at a budget in excess of $125m.

Over the past 35 years in private business, he has grown Stanton Dahl Architects from a single-practitioner business to the significant enterprise with over 40 staff it is today.

Shayne Evans Stanton Dahl

Shayne Evans


Combining his passion for design, obsession to serve the needs of our clients and management skills, Shayne leads the practice into its next 35 years.

As a lead architect, Shayne has extensive experience in the design, documentation and administration of projects ranging from high-end residential work to low-cost schools. Several of the projects that Shayne has worked on have won national design awards and he relishes maintaining a hands-on role in Stanton Dahl’s significant design projects.

Shayne has a keen interest in using his skills to assist disadvantaged communities achieve high quality built environments without having to spend a lot of money. To that end Shayne spends some of his time providing architectural services to such communities.

This provides many opportunities to identify and implement creative and low cost solutions to some very complex problems.

Tarshan Ahmed


Tarshan is an Associate at Stanton Dahl Architects. He received his Bachelor Degree in Architecture with Honour in 2002. Tarshan has a track record of project achievements, stands on a solid knowledge and experience gained throughout 17 years of working across various sectors including Multi-Residential, Aged Care, Hospitality and other sectors. Tarshan designed and delivered many large-scale projects, leading design teams, coordinating consultants and specialist inputs and successfully managing client relationships.

Tarshan is passionate about complex design challenges, he has an eye for detail and always adopting an agile approach to deliver his projects. Tarshan also received his Masters Degree of Business Administration MBA in 2011 that sharpened his talent to lead design teams and attending to client’s business objectives.

Christopher Paolino

Architectural Technician

Christopher received a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Newcastle in 2014. He was awarded Class II Division I Honors.

After graduating, Christopher gained experience working for a small firm which provided opportunities to work on differing scales of residential projects for both private clients and developers. These projects ranged from small single storey alterations and additions to small to medium scale residential and mixed use apartment buildings.

Joining Stanton Dahl in 2017, Christopher has been involved in the design, documentation and administration of residential projects and automotive projects.

Christopher’s enthusiasm and determination ensures that he is well regarded by his colleagues.

Alia Mirchi

Architectural Technician

Alia brings 19 years of experience in building design, project architecture and interior design to Stanton Dahl.

Alia gained a Bachelor of Architecture (IAU South Tehran – achieving a cultural and scientific elites award), Advanced Diploma of Interior Decoration (UT) & Advanced Diploma of Sustainable Building Design (TAFE NSW), and brings considerable & diverse experience to the residential team.

Her experience spans residential, commercial, education & heritage projects and also includes interior design projects.

Alia joined Stanton Dahl in 2021 bringing passion, enthusiasm and positive approach to the projects  she works on, and loves bringing a client’s vision to life through Architecture in the Service of People.




Dean Dempsey

Architectural Technician

Dean joined Stanton Dahl in 2016 after graduating from TAFE with a Diploma of Building Design. During his studies and since joining Stanton Dahl, Dean has gained valuable experience working on various projects ranging from residential homes, commercial buildings to large scale projects.

Dean initially assisted his colleagues with documentation of multi-dwelling projects for Land & Housing Corporation, then moving on to having a key role in the rollout of the Social & Affordable Housing (SAHF 1) with BaptistCare / Lendlease over a number of development sites.

Currently, Dean holds a key role in the design & documentation team for Stanton Dahl’s medium-large scale residential apartment projects for a number of our valued clients.

Michael Padre

Architectural Technician

Michael received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of the Philippines – Diliman in 2002 and became a Registered Architect in 2004. He worked for 12 years in the Philippines handling various projects in the Residential, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, and Religious sector. He also worked in the university as a Lecturer for 7 years specializing in training students in the use of CAD and BIM softwares.

After moving to Sydney in 2014, he has been mostly involved with Residential projects for the next 3 years. He joined Stanton Dahl in 2017 and has since assisted and taken lead roles in the design and documentation of Residential projects for NSW Land and Housing Corporation and LendLease.

Strapline Testimonial
  • “Stanton Dahl brought a deep level of experience in the design of our social and affordable housing programme for BaptistCare”

    Greg Philips, Project Director

  • “respectful of limited resources but also desirous of achieving the best outcomes”

    St Augustine’s Anglican Church

  • “challenging us and providing insight”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “innovative design possibilities in the educational sphere”

    Seventh Day Adventist Schools

  • “good communicators. great design outcomes”

    Thomas Hassall Anglican College

  • “without doubt the most enjoyable projects”

    Denham Constructions