Safe and Affordable Housing for Women Over 55

  • 23-04-2021
  • Residential
  • Stanton Dahl recently had the pleasure and to attend the opening of one of our first boarding house projects completed in Heckenberg for Land & Housing Corporation, we are proud to have been part of the collective team that contributed to the completion of the development. 

    It was an amazing day to celebrate with the leaders involved in the project, including the team from Land & Housing corporation and Women’s Housing Company CEO Debbie Georgopoulos. It was great to hear Debbie explain the purpose of the development to provide quality, safe, affordable and stable long-term residency for women over the age of 55. 

    The design comprises of 8 studio apartments, with one studio fully accessible. Each studio space has its own bathroom and laundry facilities, a private balcony with careful consideration to the privacy of the neighbouring properties, and access to common room facilities.