Another dealership approved

  • 11-07-2015
  • Automotive
  • Development Approval received for Hyundai / Mitsubishi dealership redevelopment

    Development approval was recently received for the Booth’s Motor Group site in Tuggerah. The development involves the refurbishment of the existing Mitsubishi sales and unused service building, which is to now become two new showrooms – Hyundai and Mitsubishi.

    The dealership is located within a flood plain zone. This required existing structure to be maintained to avoid additional conditions being placed on the development that would ensure from local flood regulations. By modifying the existing building to suit, this avoided the client having to reconstruct the existing that would have involved extensive civil works to raise both the showroom facilities, external display areas & vehicular access points.

    Maintaining separation between the two brands on a very tight site was a major factor within the design. Size and location was constrained by having to work within the existing existing building footprint, and having two different brand CI’s side by side, one being the new Hyundai international CI. iI was important to provide a visual separation between the two.

    Additionally, the dealership redevelopment includes a new upstairs administration level, with access from both showrooms.