Hyundai’s New Dealership Identity Rolls Out in Australia

  • 09-09-2015
  • Automotive
  • Hyundai partners with Stanton Dahl to ensure the Australian rollout of its GDSI is a success.

    Hyundai launched its “Vision 2020” program in 2011 with the aim of providing greater unity to the various arms its ever-expanding global business. Hyundai’s vision for the automotive core of it business – its GDSI (Global Dealership Space Identity) – launched in early 2014, is to be rolled out worldwide by the end of the decade.

    As HMCA’s preferred architect, Stanton Dahl was engaged to produce an Australian edition of the GDSI Manual for its dealer network. Stanton Dahl has recently completed the extensive HMCA GDSI Manual, which is now available to assist dealers upgrading to the new global dealership identity.

    Stanton Dahl has also assisted the Phil Gilbert Motor Company in delivering one of two Australian pilot dealerships adopting the new GDSI within their design. Phil Gilbert Hyundai, completed late 2014, incorporates many key elements of the new global dealership identity including the distinctive bronze exterior and modern interior joinery.

    Stanton Dahl’s automotive and GDSI expertise is currently being applied to eight other dealerships that are either close to or under construction, across 5 states and territories of Australia.