Stanton Dahl successfully completes 10 Aboriginal Housing Office Projects

  • 08-05-2018
  • Residential
  • As Sydney continues its growth and development, as does its population and the need for social housing. Stanton Dahl Architects have been working in collaboration with the Aboriginal Housing Office to provide over 35 distinct units on 10 sites across Sydney. These span the suburbs of greater NSW; from Gorokan in the Central Coast, St Mary’s in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and to Oak Flats in Shellharbour on the South Coast.

    These developments successfully propose buildings which reflect the core goals of the Aboriginal Housing Office. The designs ensure the appropriate social and cultural requirements are met, and the living patterns of the Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander people are catered for. Moreover, the variety of locations across Sydney addresses the need for a range of housing choices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This reflects the diversity of individual and community needs.

    Stanton Dahl has worked to propose a range of modern, affordable and contextually appropriate designs in each case. With the careful usage of selected landscape elements and the implementation of varied building and material finishes, we believe these new developments fit their surroundings and provide creative housing solutions for the Aboriginal Housing Office.