Providing architectural services to the Independent Christian School Sector was the foundation on which Stanton Dahl was originally established, and over the past 30 years we have seen traditional school buildings evolve into the 21st century interactive learning environments of today.

We realise that for different educational clients there is a spectrum of engagement with modern learning approaches, which also differs depending on subjects catered for and student ages. Our aim is to provide flexible, comfortable and responsive internal and external learning environments that provide students the opportunity to maximise their potential and actively engage in their own education.

Stanton Dahl have a specialist design development and project management team for the education sector, with a large portfolio of completed works. We
value collaboration with clients and we recognise that a deep understanding of a school’s values and vision will assist in the delivery of better design solutions. After three decades working in the education sector, Stanton Dahl continue to work on new stages of development for some of our first school clients, testament to our commitment to developing enduring collaborative partnerships with our clients.

We are committed to the design of positive and engaging learning environments. Our collaborative approach helps us to understand the needs of your school community, enabling us to achieve thoughtful and long-lasting solutions.

Project delivery

Each segment has a unique set of requirements, but our Collective Ambition approach ensures we share all our insights and knowledge.

The brief

This is one of the most important elements of the project and is developed in collaboration with the client. Embodying the concept of Collective Ambition, the brief outlines the requirements and facilities, provides instruction, describes the interaction of spaces and much more.

Master plan

The Master Plan of the site is the descriptive interpretation of the Brief. It is an evolving document and requires flexibility of planning to respond to changing requirements.

Project control

Adherence to project management techniques ensure that budget, program, sustainability and quality targets are met. Clients are kept up to date during all stages of the process with reports provided at regular intervals.

Authorities’ approvals

We manage this stage efficiently and effectively to ensure the most expedient approval process, whether that is via a development consent or complying development path.

Documentation & quality assurance

It has always been our aim to ensure that our documentation provides good coverage of the works and thorough coordination of secondary consultants’ documents, all in accordance with our comprehensive quality assurance system.

Program & budget

Stanton Dahl are fully conversant and experienced in the financial constraints that apply to all projects. We pride ourselves on a long record of projects completed within time and budget, and we employ every endeavour to ensure the continuation of this record.

Other services

Stanton Dahl employ a broad range of staff beyond the expertise of architecture and project management, including in-house Access, Interior Design, and Bushfire consultancies. In addition, all our documentation is completed in 3D, enabling perspectives, fly-through animations and 3D virtual models to be produced if required.

Our experience

We’ve completed over $500m of education projects to date

Project Project Value Project period Completion date
Wahroonga Adventist School $30M 2010-2020 December 2012
Thomas Hassall Anglican College $6.5M 2009-2014 December 2014
Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta $8M 2013-2016 December 2016
Pacific Hills Christian School $4M 2009-2011 September 2011
Regents Park Christian School $3.5M 2014-2016 December 2016
Morling College, Macquarie Park not disclosed 2001-present TBA
McCarthy Catholic College, Tamworth $6M 2013-2015 August 2015
Casimir Catholic School $4M 2009-2012 December 2012
Sydney Adventist College, Auburn $1.2M 2009-2010 November 2010

Team leaders

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A few words…

The relationship and the process are equally as important as the final outcome.