Women’s Community Housing: Chapel St, St Marys, Sydney

  • 10-11-2020
  • Stanton Dahl
  • Stanton Dahl have recently completed a project providing accommodation specifically designed for older single women located at St Marys.

    Stanton Dahl work hand in hand with Decode group and their construction & management team to bring this project to fruition which was funded by Wentworth Community Housing.

    The development provides much needed affordable homes for older single women
    in the Western Sydney region. It consists of 16 secure self-contained micro-units each with it’s own bathroom, kitchenette and lounge facilities. The development also provides shared facilities including common living space and reading area for the residents.

    The modern contemporary exterior utilises a variety of materials including face brickwork, metal cladding and render & paint enhancing the streetscape.