Travis Honda Showroom Under Construction

  • 12-06-2015
  • Automotive
  • Construction has begun on a new Honda showroom in Seaford, Victoria.

    Stage 1 of the project, Travis Honda’s Service Centre, was successfully completed in late 2013. Following completion of stage 1, the business was sold and Stanton Dahl has worked with the new owners of Travis Honda to ensure the design of stage 2 met their needs and corresponded with their vision for the future of the dealership.

    Stage 2, a new Honda dedicated Showroom, began construction in February 2015.

    Externally the new showroom design will significantly improve the dealership’s street presence. The design is modern and open to the street and complies fully with Honda CI requirements. The design incorporates Honda’s signature red brand wall, which will maximize exposure to passing trade.

    Efficient planning on a tight site will maximize both internal and external display space. Honda’s current CI has been employed to create a bright, fresh and customer friendly 8 car showroom.

    The new Travis Honda showroom is due for completion by July 2015.