Stanton Dahl Architects Mini Conference 2017

  • 13-04-2018
  • Stanton Dahl
  • Stanton Dahl recently held a half day mini conference for all staff from the education, aged care, residential and automotive segments including support staff. The afternoon began with lunch and challenging but fun team building exercises. Teams competed to answer quiz questions, create a structure with limited materials to drop an egg 3 metres without breaking and build the tallest tower out of straws and sticky tape. The afternoon then turned to discussions around culture and quality which was the overall focus of the conference. As an office we brainstormed how we can further deliver quality projects for our clients.

    Professional development and a positive work culture are high priorities at Stanton Dahl and events like this are invaluable in helping achieve our desired outcomes. Other in-office events have been scheduled throughout the year including a larger full day conference planned for August.