Hyundai Opens Australia’s First Hydrogen Refueling Station in Sydney

  • 04-06-2015
  • Automotive
  • Stanton Dahl contributes to an Australian first.

    Australia’s first hydrogen refueling station, located at the rear of Hyundai Australia’s Macquarie Park headquarters, was unveiled by HMCA CEO Mr Charlie Kim and the Federal Industry and Science Minister, The Hon. Ian Macfarlane MP.

    Stanton Dahl was engaged by HMCA to design an enclosure for its first refueling station in mid 2014. Construction of the station began in late 2014 for the Australian launch of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell (also pictured) in early 2015.

    The refueling station consists of a refueling unit (currently gas powered) and a protective awning to be fitted with solar panels to make the operation ‘carbon-neutral.’ The refueling station is designed to be able to be disassembled and showcased around Australia as “a conversation starter.”

    The nation’s first hydrogen refueling station is a largely symbolic gesture as its companion – the ix35 Fuel Cell – the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen powered vehicle – is not yet available for sale in Australia.

    Hyundai has proposed the idea of a series of “hydrogen highways” being developed in Australia.

    “One of our ideas is the ‘Hume by Hydrogen’, which could link Australia’s two largest cities via the nation’s capital. It would requires refueling stations in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Goulburn and Albury and could see hydrogen vehicles, including buses, running on a busy highway emitting nothing but water vapour,” Hyundai chief executive Charlie Kim said.

    “A project like the ‘Hume by Hydrogen’ would demonstrate the benefits of hydrogen transport very effectively – we would like our ix35 Fuel Cell to start a meaningful conversation about this technology for the benefit of future generations.”