Group Accommodation calls Fairfield ‘Home’

  • 27-04-2017
  • Residential
  • Five bedroom Group Accommodation dwelling completed and ready for occupation in Fairfield

    February 2016 saw the completion of construction on our 5-bedroom villa model Group Accommodation project at East Parade, Fairfield for the client Ageing, Disability & Home Care as part of the NSW Department of Family & Community Services.

    So what is a Group Home?

    Group Homes are covered by the State Environmental Planning Policy, Affordable Rental Housing (ARHSEPP) where they are broadly defined as dwellings that are;

    Occupied by a number of people as a single household with or without paid supervision
    Are used to provide permanent household accommodation for people with a disability or people who are socially disadvantaged.
    Group Homes provide support for four categories:

    General support
    Additional health care support
    Specialist behaviour support
    Complex and challenging behavioural support
    The dwelling has been designed to look like a standard single storey dwelling in the streetscape with a single car garage. The main portion of the building along East Parade contains the common facilities such as the living/ sitting room, office, laundry, kitchen and dining room. In the rear there are a bank of attached ‘bedrooms” that act as individual stand-alone units for each of the residents as well as a communal garden area.

    Group accommodation is a subtle method of providing the necessary support to people in need and allowing them the freedom of relatively independent living, in a residential area without having a structure that looks clinical or associated with institutional home care.