Specialist knowledge
Design for a purpose

We understand that specialisation, a particular knowledge of particular areas, is imperative if we wish to provide our clients with appropriate advice. While we now have various industry segments that we service, we do so with specialist, industry specific in-house expertise in those areas. Whether it be education, aged care, social housing, automotive or interiors, we have a team of people who understand the specific requirements of that sector.

Industry knowledge is important and so is empathy with and for the client. We are a client focused organisation, and we have developed an approach for interacting with our clients to ensure that their vision and requirements for their project is indentified and realised. We call this collective ambition.

Our approach to design:

at Stanton Dahl we…

We operate differently to our peers in the industry

At Stanton Dahl, we listen beyond just words and facts – we seek to delve into the emotions and minds of our clients. We ask questions to ensure we truly understand the reasons for undertaking this venture; what is their vision for their project. Only through doing this can we ensure that our architectural response accurately embodies our client’s ambition at both a practical and creative level.

we focus on fulfilling the clients vision, not ours.

It is our goal to turn your desires an dreams into reality – this is what we believe our role is as architects The Stanton Dahl team actively cooperate with all project stakeholders to design a facility that achieves the Collective Ambition of our clients and ourselves.

our commitment to our clients is unwavering

We truly value our clients and their opinions, suggestions and differences. As partners in your project, We consistently work with you to maintain a balanced partnership and never lose focus of the collective ambition. We strive to produce a result that exceeds your expectations.

Project delivery

Stanton Dahl employ a broad range of staff beyond the expertise of architecture and project management, including in-house Access and Interior Design consultancies. In addition, all our documentation is
completed in 3D, enabling perspectives, fly-through animations and 3D virtual models to be produced if required.

The brief

This is one of the most important elements of the project and is developed in collaboration with the client. Embodying the concept of Collective Ambition, the brief outlines the requirements and facilities, provides instruction, describes the interaction of spaces and much more.

Master plan

The Master Plan of the site is the descriptive interpretation of the Brief. It is an evolving document and requires flexibility of planning to respond to changing requirements.

Project control

Adherence to project management techniques ensure that budget, program, sustainability and quality targets are met. Clients are kept up to date during all stages of the process with reports provided at regular intervals.

Authorities’ approvals

We manage this stage efficiently and effectively to ensure the most expedient approval process, whether that is via a development consent or complying development path.

Documentation & quality assurance

It has always been our aim to ensure that our documentation provides good coverage of the works and thorough coordination of secondary consultants’ documents, all in accordance with our comprehensive quality assurance system.

Program & budget

Stanton Dahl are fully conversant and experienced in the financial constraints that apply to all projects. We pride ourselves on a long record of projects completed within time and budget, and we employ every endeavour to ensure the continuation of this record.