Volvo & Renault Showroom, Penrith

Schedule: 35 weeks
Project value: $1.7 million
Project period: June 2014 – May 2016
Completion date: May 2016

Annlyn Motors Volvo & Renault required the renovation and extension of an existing Volvo showroom in Penrith. Stanton Dahl was engaged by Annlyn Motors during the sketch design phase of the project to ensure brand compliance would be achieved. Following brand approval, Stanton Dahl was engaged as the project architect.

Annlyn Motors is one of the first dealerships in Australia to adopt Volvo’s new international commercial identity. Stanton Dahl was able to apply our extensive experience working directly with brands to ensure the outcome was a desirable one for both our client and the brand.

Working with the structure of the existing building, the showroom extension allowed the introduction of the additional franchise (Renault) while greatly improving the internal display space and external exposure of both showrooms.

In addition to the inclusion of the new franchise, Stanton Dahl was able to successfully introduce an integrated service model and administrative core significantly improving the efficiency and amenity of the operation.

Customer access and vehicular movement on site is also significantly improved. Site access has been relocated from the main road at the front of the site to a side street – improving the safety of access/egress and increasing the external display space along the main frontage.