St Margaret Mary’s Library & Resource Centre

Schedule: 40 weeks
Project value: $1.5 million
Project period: Oct 2009 – June 2010
Completion date: June 2010

Stanton Dahl Architects have worked with the Parramatta Diocese Catholic Education Office (CEO) for a number of years, including an upgrade of the traditional classrooms spaces throughout the St Margaret Mary’s Primary School to flexible, 21st Century Learning spaces. The CEO invited Stanton Dahl to upgrade the School’s inadequate library facilities as part of the Federal Governments BER program in 2009/2010. Stanton Dahl worked with the CEO and School to develop a brief, where an existing library space was converted into an effective 21st Century resource centre to compliment the recently refurbished classroom spaces. The new library space aims to enhance a fun learning environment and deliver technology in an open and flexible manner.

By opening up existing spaces, expanding into an adjacent undercroft space and introducing areas to accommodate groups of all sizes, the completed project has completely reinvigorated a tired and disjointed facility and created a vibrant and exciting space full of bright colours and modern flexible furniture. To further enhance the “learning is fun” environment identified in the original brief, the library space opens directly onto a new outdoors learning school assembly and play area, providing a direct link between formal and active activities.

The relationship between Stanton Dahl and the CEO has been a successful collaboration over the years. Adding to the list of projects Stanton Dahl has successfully completed for the CEO, the new library and the response from the students reflects the value Stanton Dahl places on a collective ambition for achieving all projects.