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new & existing western elevations
east & north elevations

St. Augustine’s Church, Neutral Bay

Schedule: 52 weeks
Project value: $1.9 million
Project period: Aug 2013 – May 2015
Completion date: May 2015

The new additions and alterations to the church include and new entry and circulation hub to connect the existing two-storey church with the existing church hall. The project also included a general refurbishment of the church hall including, a second floor addition for a staff office and meeting area.

St Augustine’s Anglican Church is a new client for Stanton Dahl. The collective ambition of Stanton Dahl, to listen to the client and collaborate continuously throughout the project, ensuring the values and context of the project were maintained throughout the process, successfully gained an expression of interest from St Augustine’s. The church mission ‘To promote a relationship both between individuals and between individuals and their God and Saviour’ was used to measure the strength and veracity of the design decisions made throughout the process.

The aim of the project was to provide a prominent, safe and welcoming entry to the site, connecting the existing buildings while maintaining the visual integrity of the church, which is a point of local heritage in the area. The works within the church hall aimed to maximize the churches utilization of the existing building while maintaining the Neutral Bay preschool occupation and compliance as an early childhood centre.