Seventh Day Adventist College, Auburn

Schedule: 40 weeks
Project value: $850 000
Project period: May 2009 – Jan 2011
Completion date: Jan 2011

The Sydney Adventist College project has arisen from a distinct lack of a large space on the school campus capable of accommodating the entire school community and of dealing with a multiple of uses including assemblies, performances, indoor play space, larger class sizes and the like. The existing outdoor play space, as well as parking for the school needing all of the available land have limited siting of the proposed new multi purpose hall. These functions could not be reduced. This has resulted in the need for the building to be elevated to allow the playground and parking function to occur underneath the building.

This need to elevate the building created some significant architectural issues as the proposed hall would be very different to the existing buildings on the site. Attempts were made to address this by manipulating the sizes of columns and colours in a playful way – this also helped to express the ‘primary’ and ‘playful’ nature of the school and the way that hey like to approach education. The use of skylights to maximise indirect lighting, brings natural light into the space while limiting solar heat gain. The quality of the indoor environment provides unlimited flexibility in the end use of the space, providing an excellent and highly functional building in direct response to the schools needs.