Pacific Hills Performing Arts Centre

Schedule: 50 weeks
Project value: $3 million
Project period: 2010 – 2011
Completion date: Nov 2011

Stanton Dahl worked with Pacific Hills to develop a performing arts centre that both embodies the strength and passion of the school, but also meets the requirements of the client, the students and the larger school community. The performance centre acts as a key statement as viewed from the entrance, which is a testament to the value Pacific Hills places on creative educational spaces. The new school facility focuses on the performing arts, featuring a large performance hall and additional rooms below to assist in the education of the arts, allowing versatility within the main space. A series of sweeping coloured curves face the southern entrance to the school creating a landmark and focal point that ushers students in to the Pacific Hills community and school grounds.

Stanton Dahl has worked with Pacific Hills over many years, collaborating on a number of projects. The Performing Arts Centre embraces the values of Pacific Hills and holds them in high regard, something that all Stanton Dahl projects completed with Pacific Hills accomplish.