Morling College Specialist Housing

Schedule: 26 weeks
Project value: $2 million
Project period: May 2013 – Sept 2013
Completion date: September 2013

This project needs to be understood within the broader context of an extensive plan to re-develop Morling Theological College. This revitalised development will ultimately include a new chapel, independent student housing and revitalised education spaces. As part of this redevelopment, a significant amount of existing Staff Housing would be lost and would need to be replaced.

In collaboration with Morling College, Stanton Dahl has designed this specialist housing project which is capable of being divided up into 4 off 3 bedroom dwellings, 2 off 6 bedroom dwellings or 12 off student housing and all manner of variations between. This provides the College with a unique asset capable of adapting to varying accommodation requirements as needs fluctuate over the College semester. In addition, this project has been co-located with existing housing stock on the Morling College campus, bringing with it unique challenges related to privacy and community that have been successfully resolved through the use of louvers, outdoor spaces and careful siting.