Griffith Residential Aged Care Facility

Schedule: 150 weeks
Project value: $35 M
Project period: April 2012 – April 2015
Completion date: June 2015

The new residential aged care facility in Griffith, Canberra is the latest built project culminating from a long history of collaboration in aged care projects between Stanton Dahl and BaptistCare. Stanton Dahl worked with BaptistCare to develop a brief for an aged care environment that is supportive, dignified, and well connected within the community.

The contemporary facility at Griffith comprises 160 rooms catering to specific needs of low-care, high-care and dementia residents. All rooms have easy access to dynamic shared spaces including sunrooms, glazed internal winter-gardens, as well as accessible landscaped gardens. The large facility was designed around an internal sheet that provides additional resident amenities including a café, movie theatre, saloon, day spa and physiotherapy centre.

The building employs simple and effective environmentally sustainable design principles to reduce operating costs over the life of the building, including high thermal mass, water harvesting, operable sunshade devices, natural sun and daylighting and passive heating, as well as a night purging system. Through the integration of environmental principles, assistive technology and building management systems, the facility has set a new standard for aged care living.