Good Samaritan Catholic College

Schedule: 52 weeks
Project value: $4.5 million
Project period: Nov 2009 – Jan 2011
Completion date: Feb 2011

Good Samaritan Catholic College is part of the Catholic Education Office (CEO), Diocese of Sydney with which Stanton Dahl has an ongoing client relationship, however this was the first time working on this particular site. Stanton Dahl worked with CEO and the school to provide a robust but flexible community and spiritual heart to the site that reflects the schools values and beliefs.

This project was the final stage in the schools development, providing the school community facilities that site was lacking. The site was significantly affected by an existing flood plain and the expansion of Hoxton Park Road. As a result the building was positioned at the entry to the site, which allows for whole of school community access and improves the street presence and expression of school identity.

The building needs to allow for the dual use of chapel and multipurpose hall used for sports, assembly, drama and music. The chapel needs to remain a spiritual haven, irrespective of the potentially noisy neighboring spaces. Both facilities also require the potential to expand and contract in size. This lead to the construction of a dual use zone between the two facilities that, along with the implementation of three operable walls, provides both an acoustic buffer zone between the two facilities and an expanding hall and chapel size to accommodate any group size.

The Good Samaritan Catholic College project is a testament to the collective ambition of Stanton Dahl, where the ongoing relationship between both parties is a collaborative experience that has been used time and again. The project successfully provides a flexible space for community and spiritual heart.