Christ Church Hall Extension

Schedule: 52 weeks
Project value: $2.4 million
Project period: 2001 – 2003
Completion date: 2003

Stanton Dahl worked with new clients, Christ Church, St Ives, to develop a new addition to the existing church hall to accommodate the growing church community and to provide a higher quality of associated facilities including a new entry foyer and several multipurpose halls throughout the complex.

Having knowledge of the collective ambition and collaborative design approach Stanton Dahl offers with every project, Christ Church approached Stanton Dahl as a new client to collaborate with. This was as a result of previous interactions between the Church and Stanton Dahl.

The Christ Church, St Ives project overcame a number of constraints to realise their brief, to provide a facility to support the community, a place to gather for worship and provide a supportive environment that can contribute back to the community beyond the church. Stanton Dahl worked with Christ Church, St Ives throughout the process, collaborating and diligently seeking solutions to meet the requirements of the client.