Inala Group Home

Schedule: 26 weeks
Project value: $900,000
Project period: Sep 2013 – Mar 2014
Completion date: Mar 2014

We have a regular working relationship, for Inala; a Rudolph Steiner Organisation supporting individuals living with disabilities. The project is focused on delivering a quality lifestyle for its residents.

Inala Group home is a new 5 bedroom facility that provides a flexible, contemporary and high quality living environment. The group home is designed as two connected pavilions; a living pavilion with views across the site, and a bedroom/sleeping pavilion with access to private balconies as well as staff sleepover facilities. The group home is located on a 2.2 hectare site in Cherrybrook, and sits among a number of existing group homes on the site. Inala group home is nestled among existing vegetation, and well connected to an internal roadway that links group homes to additional services on the site.

The project has addressed existing site constraints, including vegetation and solar access requirements, while meeting the construction budget. Stanton Dahl worked collectively with Inala to deliver a group home that met the requirements and vision of the client while feeling like a ‘home’.