Completed general housing development at Casula ready for Occupation

New general housing development consisting of nine villas is now open and ready for residents

Construction has just concluded this September 2015 for a brand new General Housing development at 5-9 Kenny Avenue, Casula. The site which originally contained three individual dilapidated fibro clad residences is now home to a total of nine villas; six General Housing and three Livable, with a mix of one, two and three bedroom dwellings.

To soften the development’s visual impact on the existing streetscape the double storey attached villas that line Kenny Avenue all address the street with their own individual entries and driveways while a central driveway is utilised to service the single storey villas in the rear.

A variety of different façade elements and materials such as face brickwork, metal wall cladding and paint finished cement render provide variation to the villas and add colour to the streetscape. New landscaped elements and front fence native planting also breathe a breath of fresh air into the neighbourhood.

The new development fits in well with the style of newer project homes that are steadily increasing in the area and proves to be another positive example of the direction this suburb is developing towards.