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Stanton Dahl provides a variety of built environment consultancy services to the segments we have chosen to specialise in. These segments are AGED CARE, AUTOMOTIVE, CHURCH, EDUCATION and RESIDENTIAL. We have been practicing for in excess of 30 years now, and have designed and documented thousands of buildings for our clients. Perhaps the simplest way to learn more about us is captured by our company numbers below:

5 specialist segments | 40+ staff and growing | project values $100k – $40M | 80% repeat clients

What we live by:

Our vision, mission and values statements uderscore and define our business and design philosophies. Together with our emphasis on collective ambition, they detail our commitment to assisting you to fulfill your goals and objectives.


To be the architects of first choice within our chosen markets.


Stanton Dahl are committed to creating fine buildings that are responsive to our clients needs, efficient and Economical. As a consequence, we aim to be the architects of first choice in the markets in which we specialise.



  • we mean what we say
  • we tell the truth and don’t hide the facts
  • we uphold impeccable business practices


  • we have a sense of obligation
  • we have a duty of care
  • we adopt client goals


  • we look for best and appropriate answers
  • we are creative


  • we make things happen
  • we attack everything with determination
  • we are always looking for the other solution


  • our aim is to have a high sense of satisfaction about all we do
  • we will develop a good social atmosphere
  • we believe work should be enjoyable

Mutual respect   

  • we understand that values  can differ and we
  • respect people and their difference


  • we will maintain our values in all circumstances
  • we will meet our undertakings
  • we can be depended upon

Commitment to sustainability

At Stanton Dahl, we are passionate about the natural environment and we truly understand the significant role our designers and team members play in the development of sustainable communities of the future.

As a company, we are wholly committed to including sustainable design initiatives into our projects that not only embrace the natural influence on the site, but also utilise diverse and renewable materials. We seek to apply our knowledge on the latest renewable technologies and innovations to ensure that what we create for our clients is not only cost-efficient but healthy, stimulating and environmentally responsible.

Our broad experience in major projects targeting minimum green star ratings and significant environmentally sustainable design (ESD) outcomes – including a major science building development at Central Coast Grammar School and a large aged care project for Baptist Community Services in Canberra – ensures that we are very familiar with the sustainability standards required to conform to all BCA benchmark requirements, and beyond, if required.

Meet the team

We have a diverse and highly capable staff of 40+ people

  • Phillip Stanton (Executive Chair)
  • Shayne Evans (Practice Manager)
  • Caroline Hart (Education Segment Leader)
  • Mahi Lau (Aged Care Segment Leader)
  • Jason O’Keefe (Residential Segment Leader)
  • Alan Werry (Automotive Segment Leader)

A few words…

… from some of our recent clients, consultants and builders


30+ years and thousands of buildings.
Est. 1984

In 1984 we opened the doors with our first project, a new building for an independent Christian school at Regents Park. This project set the tone: clients who needed specialist advice to satisfy particular needs, and who (often) had tight budgets. Over time our education clients expanded because we were regarded as providing services that were empathetic with client requirements. We had a desire to assist with their particular needs but we also brought specialist educational knowledge and hence designed solutions that worked.

We came to understand that specialisation, a particular knowledge of particular areas, was imperative if we wished to provide our clients with appropriate advice. While we now have various industry segments that we service, we do so with specialist, industry specific in-house expertise in those areas. Whether it be education, aged care, social housing, automotive or interiors, we have a team of people who understand the specific requirements of that sector. Industry knowledge is important and so is empathy with and for the client. We are a client focused organisation, and we have developed an approach for interacting with our clients to ensure that their vision and requirements for their project is indentified and realised. We call this collective ambition and you can read more on the ‘Why work with us’ page.